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The Pew Research group has a great reputation for non-partisan and accurate public polling and political analysis. In fact, it was tied as the most accurate polling organization in the 2012 elections. Given their history of success, it is reasonable to have confidence in the results of their polling, particularly in issues where partisanship is an issue.


Last month, Pew released an exceptional report, detailing the news media habits of Americans based upon their partisan affiliation. Pew polled a large number of Americans to determine their political leanings and news consumption habits. The results of this study were, while not surprising, extremely revealing and informative.

The Conservative Media Bubble

The Pew study concluded that conservatives differ dramatically from liberals and moderates in their news media consumption habits. Moderates and liberals trust a much wider range of sources than conservatives. Similarly, from among the…

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Wild Foodism

maplespilewildfoodism2As winter wanes and spring approaches, wild foodists all across North America tap into the time-honored tradition of sugar production – mainly, the transformation of maple tree sap into maple syrup and sugar.  This process, passed on from the Native Americans to the early settlers, is still quite popular today, and is responsible for one of the few wild foods that can be purchased commercially in most supermarkets.

Most people associate syrup with the maple tree, and although much of today’s syrup does originate from the sugar maple, all species of maple can be tapped.  Even better, many other trees from other genera can be tapped to extract sap, which ultimately can be turned into delicious syrup.

In this post, I won’t be discussing the methods involved in tapping for sugar production.  If you are unfamiliar with the process, there are a variety of great websites, videos, and books to…

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Sounds Great! Gotta getsum.

Foothills Brewing

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout BBAIn case you missed it, our annual release of Bourbon Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate happens on Saturday September 6th. Those of you in the know will either quietly genuflect or leap about making unintelligible nom nom noises. Those of you wondering what the fuss is all about? You’ll know about 300 words from now.

Peter the Great This beer is great! Like me.

It all started with Peter The Great . . .
Who took a trip to England in 1698 and, taking a brief respite from his native vodka, decided to try the dark local beer — and loved it. He thought, “Hey this would go over big in the future Soviet Union.” Or something to that effect.

All too familiar with indulging royal whims, English brewers quickly complied and shipped beer to the Czar’s imperial court, increasing the hops and alcohol so the beer wouldn’t spoil on its thousand-mile journey.

The beer arrived, to much fanfare and caviar…

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